Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 37

Today's contribution will take a sec to explain, but stick with me because it's very cool.
- A child picks an organization that they'd like to support
-- then writes / draws an original story
--- which a songwriter uses as inspiration for an original song
---- which people like you and me support by donating to the cause

It's like three for the price of one! And that doesn't even count the people who benefit from the services.

So I'm supporting Keith Alan Mitchell's original song, inspired by a story called The Fashion Show, written by Kiralee (age 11), in support of Gilda's Club - Quad Cities, which is an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community and is "dedicated to providing support, education and hope to all people affected by any type of cancer, including the family members and friends of those diagnosed."

So just to recap, an 11-year-old girl wrote a story, which was turned into a song by a musician (and a friend of mine) in California, which inspired me (in North Carolina) to donate money to an organization supporting families in Iowa and Illinois who are dealing with cancer.

If that's not the coolest chain of awesomeness, then I don't know what is.

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